Jesse McClure, PhD

Dog Behavior Consultant
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Solutions for Pet Owners

Aggression Anxiety Barking Chewing Guarding Hyperactivity Phobias Reactivity Etc.

The biggest problem dog owners face is not listed above. The real challenge is the hopelessness of feeling like nothing can be done. But something can be done: behavior can change! No dog is too young, too old, or too stubborn to learn. With the right approach you and your dog can get back on track.

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Services for Clinics

Staff Training

Discover what you can do in the clinic to support your clients' behavioral health. Role play discussions to gain confidence talking about behavior. Learn about behavior resources you can offer.

Client Education

Invite your clients to presentations in your clinic. Dispel the most common misconceptions about behavior. Stop behavior problems before they start.

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About Dr McClure

Jesse, 2017

While not helping clients and their dogs feel comfortable, confident, and calm in any situation, I'm spending time with my own pup Ramekin.

We can often be found on trails in the woods, swimming in a lake or river, on a neighborhood dog walk, or walking around New Town or Historic Downtown St Charles. If you see us out and about, feel free to say hello.

Jesse & Ramekin, 2019

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