Behavior & Data Science


Welcome to I offer consulting for pet owners, researchers, or anyone interested in exploring, understanding, or changing behavior patterns in non-human animals. I offer training services for pets and for behavioral research laboratories. I also design, build, and program affordable customized testing equipment for behavioral research. Alternatively I can craft software to aid in the efficient processing and analysis of data from existing equipment.

The affordable tools I create for research will lower the cost of tax-payer funded science, while also allowing beginning scientists, or even hobbyists and citizen scientists, to dive into an exploration of animal behavior. I hope this may also allow the interested trainer — whether pet or service animal trainer — to combine their expertise based on many centuries of trade-craft with the experimental control valued by the scientific community. I further hope that the academic behaviorists and the trainers may learn from one another and be able to build a common knowledge-base on the topic of interest we share: animal behavior.


My combined backgrounds in applied animal behavior, ethology, and technology can be applied to fit the individual needs of researchs and pet owners:

Research Test Design

Get the most out of your behavioral research with tests informed by a thorough understanding of operant and respondant conditioning as well as species-specific behaviors in order to zero in on the parameter of interest

Behavioral Testing Equipment

Affordable customized operant equipment for any species of research subject

Data Analysis Support

Customized software to streamline your laboratories most complex analyses

Web Server Support

Site development and server deployment designed specifically for your project's needs

Pet Training

Basic obedience, house training, etc

Pet Behavior Consulting

Interventions for challenging behaviors