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About My Training

I have over 15 years professional experience working in dog behavior spanning pets, working dogs, and service dogs. I have been a military working dog handler, researcher in canine behavioral genomics, and faculty of anthrozoology teaching canine science and behavior. You can learn more about my professional background in my CV.

I offer a wide range of flexible pet behavior services. Whether you have a new puppy and just want to get the right start, an older dog looking to learn new tricks, or specific behavior concerns including anxiety or aggression, I can help get the best out of your relationship with your dog.

Flexible Training Options

Puppy Classes

Learn the fundamentals of learning theory and positive dog training that you can continue to apply throughout your dog's life. Your puppy will build socialization skills and confidence setting them up for a happy healthy future.

Adult Group Classes

Ideal for adult dogs that either are struggling with the basics or have never had the opportunity to learn through positive relationship-supporting techniques. You and your dog will build a stronger bond and learn to communicate better than ever before.

Private Training

Want more out of training: dog sports, service tasks, therapy work? Ask about private training that can be fully customized to your unique goals and your dog's specific background.

Behavior Consulting

Struggling with unique anxiety or aggression concerns? If your dog might be uncomfortable or even unsafe interacting with new people and other dogs I can help. If you're struggling with aggression, seperation anxiety, general unruly behavior, or any other concern, there is hope. All behavior can be changed. Please feel free to call or email me directly, or fill out my new client form for behavior consulting.

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Fill out the no-commitment form below to get started or to learn more. If you are seeking help for a dog with aggression or anxiety, please feel free to skip to my comprehensive behavior intake form instead.

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