Web Site Development

Websites For Research Groups

My primary market is research laboratories. However, as many research laboratories now strive for a greater online presence, and/or to have members of their team working on and sharing data remotely on networked devices, I've gained a good bit of experience deploying full-stack network servers for online data collection, web-based recruiting, and resource sharing. These experiences have much broader applications than just to scientific research groups. So I can also offer web server and website development for your project whatever it may be.

I can build a server from the ground up, or — in many cases — work with what you already have. I can help with web, email, and database servers, domain name registration, and website development and deployment. While versed at all levels of this process, my strengths are in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and SQL. While I am proficient in Javascript, I strive to make minimal use of client-side scripting which helps ensure the most consistent user experience across the full range of operating systems and web browsers.

I've also found that highly flexible responsive designs allowing the same web page to work well on a desktop computer or mobile phone can readily be acheived with HTML5 and CSS3 and no third-party plugins or libraries and minimal to no client-side scripting. Examples of this can be seen on this very page which uses no client-side scripting, or on which uses a grand total of 6 lines of javascript, in the absence of which the page will lose just a little visual effect, but still function well.

Example Websites

This page remains under development. For the time being, you can view some of the websites I've created below:
Darwin's Dogs
A citzen-science research project engaging tens of thousands of dog owners around the world via online web surveys. Graphic design of many aspects of this site were subcontracted, though I handled everything else from the server configuration and coding of the public website as well as a members only area with surveys for data collection, the backend database, and email server, and a lab-side interface to the survey responses.
A local focus group of Darwin's Dogs participants in the vicinity of Worcester MA. I designed and implemented all aspects of this site.
My site — you're looking at it.

Maintenance costs for a full server with a website, database, and email can be under $100/year for both hosting and domain name registration. Higher traffic servers may benefit from upgrades to the range of $400-500/year. The cost of the initial deployment will depend on the complexity of your poject.