Pet Training — Behavior Consulting


I have extensive experience working with pet and working dogs starting in 2001 with my time as a dog handler in the United States Marine Corps. Our dogs were dual certified in patrol/protection and explosive detection.

After completing my military service in 2005 I began my pet training experience while I pursued a bachelors degree in biology and animal behavior.

With more than 15 years experience, I have worked with various trainers and learned many techniques. I bring this knowledge and experience to my clients, teach them the pros and cons of various options, and help them make informed decisions on the proper way to interact and communicate with their non-human family members.

I focus on positive reinforcement. This is particularly the case in the early stages of training when the pet is still learning what is expected, and the owner is still learning how to train. I do not, however, discard any useful tools or techniques.

Cats and Parrots

I have been gaining experience working with cats and parrots. At present, however, a majority of my experience is with dogs. I will gladly provide referals to trainers with greater experience with these companions as needed, or if other trainers are not available I can offer basic training or intervention for cats and birds.

Other Species

While the learning process is shared across all animals, and the principles remain the same, there is a great value in understanding the intricacies and species-specific behavior patterns of any animal one works with.

I do believe, though, that every animal deserves to be happy, well trained, and able to interact with it's human family in a positive and constructive manner. There are, however, few trainers available for these pets. Therefore I can offer behavioral consulting for your companion at a substantially reduced rate with the understanding that while I will bring my general knowledge and experience with behavior you and I will together be learning about your particular pet.